Arnold Palmer: Homespun Stories of The King

By Chris Rodell / Foreward by Gary Player

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Each sport has its heroes, those unique talents whose exploits become modern mythology to those who follow in their footsteps. Even as their records fall, these special athletes retain their status as legends. Their names transcend sport, as their successes and personalities etch their place in history. Nobody represents this rarified iconic status more than Arnold Palmer.

In Arnold Palmer: Homespun Stories of The King (Triumph Books, May 15, 2018), Latrobe, Pennsylvania resident and personal friend of Palmer’s Chris Rodell offers a new take on the legendary figure. Drawing on more than 100 interviews conducted over decades of acquaintance, Rodell delves into Palmer’s character away from the game, examining Palmer’s relationship to his hometown and its people. The insights and anecdotes showcase a different side of Palmer, giving fans a glimpse of the King passing up his throne for a barstool, Magnolia Lane for Main Street and the big stage for the small town.

Highlights include:
• A heartfelt foreword from 9-time major championship winner Gary Player
• Stories depicting Palmer’s devotion to his fans, and the mountains of zany autograph requests filtered through the local post office
• The Palmer Timeline: milestones, trivia, news clippings and other irreverent tidbits from a truly remarkable American life
• Why Palmer loved his hometown club more than any of the famous courses around the world
• Palmer’s legacy, in Latrobe and beyond, in the words of those who knew him best

Arnold Palmer: Homespun Stories of The King introduces fans not to the iconic personality they’ve long admired, but to the neighbor they never knew. Rodell’s perspective is equal parts journalism and fan mail, combining a professional approach with a relatable, accessible voice. Both golf historians and the younger generation of fans will find value in this enlightening, engaging portrait of Palmer. No golfer’s library is complete without it.

About the Author: Chris Rodell's writing has appeared in publications including Sports Illustrated, Esquire, Men's Health, Golf and Arnold Palmer's Kingdom Magazine.

Paperback $15 (CA $20) • 5x5" x 8.5" • 240 pages • ISBN: 9781629375687 • Pub Date: May 15, 2018