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Undaunted Optimist: Essays on Life, Laughter and Cheerful Perseverance

Chris Rodell wonders about stuff all the time. He wonders about holidays, occupations, traffic, marriage and if refrigerating your deodorant adds zing to your morning.

It's a complicated world out there and it takes a nimble mind to sort it all out. Rodell does it with style, warmth, an engaging euphoria and undaunted optimism that lets the reader know he enjoys being human and enjoys human beings.

Arnold Palmer: Homespun Stories of The King

Each sport has its heroes. These special athletes retain their status as legends. Their names transcend sport, as their successes and personalities etch their place in history.

Nobody represents this rarified iconic status more than Arnold Palmer.

The Last Baby Boomer: The Story of the Ultimate Ghoul Pool

This is Chris Rodell's debut novel: "Kurt Vonnegut meets Christopher Moore." It's what happens in the near future when greed tempts the entire world to sign on for a reality show where no one wins until death does.

Satire worthy of Joseph Heller. "Flat-out hilarious."

Use All The Crayons! The Colorful Guide to Simple Human Happiness (DELUXE Edition)

Like a box of crayons, we are all born with an astounding range of colors. This book is an uplifting, humorous, spiritual guide on how to make every day as vivacious as Atomic Tangerine to illuminate even your most Lampblack days.

It combines populist common sense with a healthy dose of optimism detailing what can happen when you "Use All the Crayons!"

The REAL Mister Roger's Neighborhood:
Life Lessons from the Heart of Latrobe, Pennsylvania

In a world that cries out for civility and healing, there's now an uplifting book about Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.

The book depicts the influence Latrobe had on young Fred, the influence the adult Fred had on Latrobe and the influence both exerted on the author.

Hole in One! The Complete Book of Facts, Legend, and Lore of Golf's Luckiest Shot

Filled with fun facts and anecdotes, "Hole in One!" is a comprehensive clearinghouse of unusual stories involving the aura and accomplishment of scoring an ace.

Readers will find out how duffers call upon unusual good luck charms and customs from foreign countries to ensure their swinging success. This book is the perfect book for golfers who love the game, whether they're accomplished players or rank amateurs.


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